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Tower-Wars will be the most tactical crypto game in the crypto universe. Earn money while you playing with these play-to-earn elements


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With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

About Tower-Wars

Tower-Wars is a tactical tower defense inspired play-to-earn game where 2 players compete against each other and play for Towerwars tokens (ingame currency).

Two players compete against each other on a tower defense like map. Each player has a main tower that he must protect. If this tower has fallen, the player loses. The players can build buildings (defense) and they can send creatures (attack). Each creature and building has properties that are only strong against a certain type. For example, the anti-aircraft gun can only hit airplanes.
The players cannot see what the opponent is building on the other side. Unless his units are in the field of view. Each player starts with 100 energy points needed to generate units. Defeating enemy units adds energy points again. In addition, 10 energy points are earned every 10 seconds. The players must now try to defeat the main tower of the enemy.

Tower-Wars benefits


Earn TWARS Token while playing this awesome game on your mobile device.

Play on any mobile device

This game will be available on Android and iOS. Our mission is to connect all players around the world.

Secure Token Design

One of the most important things for us is the safety of our community. The Liquidity will be locked for 6 months after the launch. The Team Wallet will also be locked for 6 months. Of course, an audit will follow.


There will be a 6% fee on every transaction. 3% goes into the Liquidity Pool. And another 3% goes into the Marketing Wallet. This helps us to maintain a stable price and to be able to start marketing directly.


IDO Price


Max Token

1,000,000,000 TWARS

Transaction fee 6%

3% Liquidity

3% Marketing

IPO Price


  • 28%IDO
  • 10%Team
  • 5%Reserve
  • 3,5%Liquidity
  • 53,5%Community

Game Features

Player vs Player

Tower-Wars is a Player vs Player game. You will play against other players around the world.


Get the Tower Wars NFT to make your units even stronger. Buy them in the store or get Lootboxes that can contain good NFTs.

High tactical requirements

Tower Wars is a game with high tactical demands on the player. It is not a simple game where you win with a little luck. The player who has the most tactical understanding wins.


Stack your TWARS tokens when you don’t need them to generate more.

Frequently asked questions

We are working hard an this project. We hope to finish the game in Q2 2022.

It will be available on Pancakeswap

No. We will lock the luqidity after IDO for 6 month. The teamwallet ist also locked for 6 month. Join our Telegram group to prove this is not a scam.